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KIIS is an integrated information system that stores essential information on Korea’s clinical trial industry relevant for companies and sponsors.

Registration as an institutional member is required for access to KIIS. Data can be accessed either directly through online search or indirectly via KIIS inquiry form.

01. Industry Overview
  • Statistical data on healthcare, pharmaceutical, and clinical trial industries
  • Relevant data for Korea, including economic, security, and anti-corruption statistics.
  • Access Authority : All members signed into KIIS
02. Disease Epidemiology Data
  • Published epidemiology data
  • Access Authority : All members signed into KIIS
03. National Health Insurance Claim Data
  • Patient distribution data derived from the HIRA database
  • Access Authority : All members
04. Korea Clinical Trial Experience
  • Status of completed and ongoing clinical trials in Korea over the last 5 years
  • Access Authority : All members signed into KIIS
05. Regulatory Process Overview
  • IND approval process and NDA process
  • Clinical trial materials import/customs clearance
  • Access Authority : All members signed into KIIS
06. Site/Investigator
  • Information on trial sites and investigators
  • Access Authority : All members
07. KoNECT Partners
  • Information on KoNECT Partners, which include clinical trial related organizations such as CROs, central labs, local pharmaceuticals and bio-ventures, regulatory/legal consulting firms, couriers, logistic companies etc.
  • Access Authority : Request detailed information via KIIS inquiry form