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Reliable and relevant information is essential for selecting the right country, clinical trial sites, and investigators for every clinical trial.

KoNECT endeavors to support local and international partners by providing all the up-to-date information needed for the smooth planning and conduct of clinical trials in Korea.

KIIS is an integrated database system that stores essential information on Korea’s clinical trial industry relevant for companies and sponsors.

Membership registration as an organization is required for access to KIIS. Information can be obtained either directly by searching on the KIIS website or indirectly by submitting a written request via KIIS inquiry form.

01. Industry Overview
  • Facts and figures regarding Korea's macroeconomic indicators,
    including datasets for the healthcare/pharmaceutical and clinical trial industries
- HIRA : Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
- MFDS : Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (formerly KFDA)
02. Epidemiology/National Health Insurance Claim data
  • Published epidemiology data
  • Patient distribution data derived from HIRA (the national Health
    Insurance Review and Assessment) database
03. Korea Clinical Trial Experience
  • Status of completed and ongoing clinical trials in Korea over the past 5 years
    showing domestic performance in each indication
04. Site/Investigator Information
  • Information on investigators (including clinical trial experience, research interests,
    training records, etc.)
  • Investigator database based on ClinicalTrials.gov
05. Regulatory Process Overview
  • IND approval process and NDA process
  • Clinical trial materials import/customs clearance
06. KoNECT Partners
  • Information on KoNECT Partners includes government-affiliated organizations, as well as institutions and companies involved in the clinical trial industry, including clinical trial centers, medical associations, investigator networks, CROs, central labs, local pharmaceuticals and bio-ventures, regulatory and/or legal consulting firms, couriers, logistics companies and so on.